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We were heard in the Primary. There’s more coming in November!

Congratulations – and thanks – to all who made our Primary Election a memorable one.

Because of how much is at stake in this year’s elections, KFTC’s New Power PAC was significantly involved in primary races, especially in communities where KFTC already is building grassroots power. There is some great work to lift up, and important victories to celebrate.

The New Power PAC endorsed 12 candidates, recommended by our local Democracy Teams, in primary races. Five of the candidates won, including three where we put forth the most effort:

  • KFTC member Patti Minter won the Democratic primary for the Kentucky House, District 20 (Bowling Green/Warren County) with 44% of the vote, well ahead of four other candidates that included an incumbent city commissioner and a former mayor.

  • Nima Kulkarni won the Democratic primary for the Kentucky House, District 40 (Louisville) with nearly 47% of the vote, easily defeating the incumbent and two other candidates. If she wins in November, Nima would be the first immigrant in the Kentucky General Assembly.

  • Jennifer Reynolds is one of two top vote-getters in the nonpartisan Lexington Urban County Council, District 11 race and advances to the November election.

We witnessed a growing block of progressive voters, significant enough to swing elections.

In races where our endorsed candidate did not win, issues such as health care, public education, accountability, voting rights and other progressive issues were elevated and helped change the narrative about what’s important to voters and expected from our elected officials.

How did we make a difference?

  • Hard work. In the three races listed above, dozens of KFTC members knocked on nearly 1,000 doors and made 1,131 calls for candidates..

  • KFTC surveyed 169 candidates (focused in chapters areas) and published their answers online and in print. got nearly 95,000 page views in the last month, and we mailed out more than 6,750 printed guides.

  • We published a Spanish language voter guide for selected races in Louisville (that was reprinted in a local Spanish language publication).

  • We used new technology, solid data and social media tools to reach voters.

  • We registered 550 new voters this year in targeted districts.

  • We held and co-sponsored candidate forums, meet-and-greets and other events to help voter get to know candidates.

Looking toward November

The New Power PAC is small. We don’t have a big budget (and we do not give money to candidates). But we have a powerful workforce in visionary and passionate KFTC members, and we will make even more of a difference in the November General Election.

We’ll soon be making endorsements for the fall campaigns. At least two dozen KFTC members are candidates in races ranging from city council to the state legislature. We’re excited about what’s to come!