The New Power PAC is excited to endorse Democratic candidate Adam Edelen for Governor in the 2019 Gubernatorial primary. The following message was sent to the members of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth regarding this endorsement.

Dear friends,

First, thank you for being a member of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth. In these challenging times, I’m grateful every day for the thousands of Kentuckians like you who take pride in our vision of a better Kentucky, and are willing to organize to achieve it.

Today, we’re working to build a bright future for all of us, regardless of the color of our skin, which neighborhood or holler we call home, or the size of our bank account.

And we know, to achieve our goals, we’re going to need some new political leaders in Frankfort and Washington, DC. That’s why our Steering Committee decided in February to go “all in” with Action for Democracy, our strategy to build grassroots power to increase civic engagement, win on election day and pass progressive legislation that improves the quality of life for all Kentuckians.

“All in” means voter engagement will be a central focus for our organizing all the way through the 2020 elections. We’ll share our vision and ideas for a better Kentucky with voters, challenge entrenched political leaders, and help recruit and train new candidates ready to step forward. Over the next twenty months, we will register, inform, engage and turn out tens of thousands of voters, literally from Paducah to Pikeville, Covington to Bowling Green, and Smoketown to Somerset.

Today, I’m writing to let you know about the next chapter in our Action for Democracy work. I’m excited to announce that the KFTC Steering Committee voted at its March meeting for KFTC’s New Power PAC to endorse Adam Edelen for governor in the Democratic primary.

Teams of KFTC Steering Committee leaders met with and interviewed all four Democratic candidates for governor. We have extended our appreciation to each of them for the respectful and informative conversations. We’ll also encourage them all to be stronger on some key issues. And, frankly, we look forward to supporting whoever is the Democratic nominee after the primary election.

But Adam Edelen really stood out to the Steering Committee. He’s campaigning on a promise to build a new economy and using renewable energy as the engine of a just transition. He committed to the restoration of voting rights and ending cash bail, to invest in education and health care, to protect the Medicaid expansion, and more. We encourage you to visit to read more about his positions.

KFTC’s New Power PAC doesn’t endorse a candidate in every race. But when we find a candidate who aligns well with our vision and policy positions, we want to make sure our members and friends know about them.

KFTC members have an opportunity to make a decisive impact in the elections this year and next. I encourage you to join with your fellow members to register new voters, organize your friends and neighbors, and help get them to the polls on May 21.

And I hope you’ll join with the Steering Committee and extend your support to Adam Edelen for governor.

The KFTC Steering Committee is all in for our democracy and our future, because we believe we can make a difference. And we’ll need your help. I know that we are our best hope for change, and together we can build a healthy democracy and a better Kentucky.

With deep appreciation,

Meta Mendel-Reyes

KFTC Chair