Who we are

The New Power PAC is a political action committee formed in 2010 by Kentuckians For The Commonwealth to lift up the voices of ordinary Kentuckians in critical elections. We want to demonstrate to candidates that there’s a significant base of support for New Power and a brighter and cleaner future in Kentucky, and spotlight the positions and activities of candidates that are consistent with KFTC’s values and goals.


What is New Power?

New Power is all Kentuckians working together for a brighter future. Today Kentuckians have our best chance in generations to build a new power economy and a new power democracy – for all of us.

New Power means new jobs for our workers and our children. New Power means new, affordable energy for our homes and industry without destroying our communities, land, air, water, or health. New Power means all Kentuckians informed and participating in the decisions that shape our lives and our communities. New Power means elected officials who are accountable to all their constituents.


“We are forming the New Power PAC because somebody needs to tell the story about the need for New Power in Kentucky – new economic power, new political power and new energy power. Somebody has to tell the story about the opportunity we have to create clean energy jobs and affordable renewable energy. And somebody needs to speak the truth about the harm done by our dependence on old power.”

-K.A. Owens, announcing the formation of the New Power PAC in October 2010